Monday, December 24, 2007

The Preschoolers (link updated September 13, 2009)


The Preschoolers were 5 young guys from Baltimore who played in a more mellow 2Tone style. The band never quite took off and, aside from the song "Huey Newton" from the first Roots, Branch, and Stem comp, this is the only recording they ever did.

01 Angela
02 Il N'ya Pas de Quoi
03 Scott Chester (Boy Next Door)



xtimmyx said...

wow. you've got everything. i had this too. at least twice a week i kick myself for selling all of my music back in the day. i had a lot. a LOT.
thanks for this great up!

xtimmyx said...

could you re-up this?

Anonymous said...

There are more recordings here

-joe mysko