Friday, January 11, 2008

Fighting Gravity - Shishskabob [LINK UPDATED Sept. 23, 2009]


Fighting Gravity formed in the late 80s in Richmond Virginia under the name Boy O Boy. They had one self-titled full-length release as Boy O Boy in 1990, and released their second album Shishskabob in 1992 under their new name Fighting Gravity.

1 Land of Ska
2 Hotel Inside My Mind
3 Parallel Parking
4 Barber of Skaville
5 All I Need is a Holiday
6 Socks and a Smile
7 Purple Ska
8 Big as the Sun
9 Go Ugly Early
10 Darling
11 Take Off Your Clothes
12 Moan and Groan



Angel said...

please renew Fighting Gravity link ppplllleaaaseee.

Anonymous said...

i love your blog,(and i should send you some stuff to post up for everyone, if you except submissions) but boy o boy didn't change their name to fighting gravity until at least after 1994.

I bought the "no stopping, no standing" CD, when it was released, (their second album) and it still has the band as boy o boy.

keep up the great work!