Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Piranhas - The Piranhas


The Piranhas started in 1977 as a punk band in Brighton UK who are best known for the song Tom Hark which has been adopted as a popular chant by many football ('soccer' to us yanks) fans. (If you don't have the Play Kwela single that Tom Hark originally appeared on you can get it HERE.)In 1980 they recorded 3 singles and this album - their only full-length. They broke up in 1981 without any subsequent recordings.
Boring Bob Grover does have a current band called Dates that are certainly worth a listen.

1 Getting Beaten Up
2 Pleasure
3 Do You?
4 Saxophone
5 Love Game
6 Tom Hark
7 Tension
8 Fiddling While Babylon Burns
9 Green Don't Suit Me
10 Something
11 Coffee
12 I Don't Want My Body
13 Final Straw


*A bit of trivia: The Piranhas had nothing to do with the re-recording of Tom Hark that is the most familiar version in Brighton today. That version was recorded in 2005 by a band calling themselves 'Seagulls Ska' - who were really members of
Too Many Crooks and Attila the Stockbroker. Money raised by the song went into building a new stadium for Brighton and Hove Albion F.C. whose nickname is 'The Seagulls'.


Anonymous said...

This is a great album that was never released on CD, Shamlessly!

Seagull Ska were members of
Too Many Crooks Attila the Stockbroker & The Fish Brothers I do believe.


jeffen said...

Yeah not only does this album remain unavailable the one Piranhas CD that is available is a really dodgy collection of songs.Sigh

Ronan said...

Really good album. Yeah, it's a shame that the album has never been released on CD, I guess its tied up with the record label. probably a bit like in the case of Bad Manners who for years couldn't get their early albums released, they'd signed over the rights to all their music years ago. The Piranhas CD that was released over 10 years ago featured earlier versions of these and other songs which as jeffen said, aren't as good.