Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Targets - Unity Beat


In 1983 the Southern California band The Targets released this EP. The record and sleeve says very little about this band and, therefore, I know very little about them. This release was on a label called American Standard Records based in Torrance California - I can't find any info on them either.
The Targets sound is a little bit reminiscent of The English Beat with a bit of The Donkey Show and even a slight bit of Blondie. Not strictly ska but they fit perfectly in the 2 Tone era.

1 Don't Stop Now
2 The Perfect Guy
3 Searching for a Scene
4 Sax Man
5 Two Tone Mover
6 Unity Beat



paulvcarnall said...

many thanks!!!

Mike said...


Anonymous said...

Amazing record! Thanks for that. They should have been huge!

Billy said...

Wow...they really were like a female-fronted English Beat!

Great blog!

Pete said...

Some info on the band here: http://www.mistersuave.com/2007/10/mod-sound-targets-searching-for-scene.html
Great blog!

Ron said...

Any chance to re-up this one ?

Thanks !!

Russ said...

A most excellent band from the 80's. My older brother has the vinyl but it is heavily worn from being played A LOT. We lived in the OC but he did get to see them in LA.

Some great quality fun music!

Anonymous said...

Saw them open for the Three O'Clock a couple times. I lived in Glendora which is pretty close to Claremont, where they were based. Nikki was cute and friendly to us high school groupies.