Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Tigers - Savage Music (link updated April 21, 2009)


These are the same Tigers who did the song Ska Trekkin'. This is their only full length. It was released in 1980. They are not strictly a ska band - this is mostly a post punk album but there are five songs with a ska influence.

1 Promises Promises
2 Worlds to Conquer
3 Kidding Stops
4 Fall for You
5 True Confessions
6 Make-Up Girl
7 Savage Music
8 Gone Like You
9 Big Expense, Small Income
10 Sexual Blanks
11 Ice Cold in Fulham
12 Take it Like a Man
13 Jack it Up
14 Watch This Space



Anonymous said...

This is really great -- not totally ska, as Tone & Wave points out, but still worth hearing. Quite sophisticated at times...a similar approach to what Madness were doing around 1981-83, perhaps?

Good choice, T&W.

Anonymous said...

The download link keeps relooping over and over again. Any chance for a reupload to another server? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great post. I'm afraid that the link is no longer active. Any chance of re-upping?
Thanks for your consideration and keep up the good work

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