Friday, October 10, 2008

Both sides...

There are lots of good arguments for why I should continue to post music and a couple for why I shouldn't but the fact of the matter is that it is illegal. That's it plain and simple. That's why Tone and Wave won't continue in the same way it started out. I'm considering what to do next. Are any of you really that damn interested in reading more reviews? Maybe I could do a podcast and link to some Myspaces? Maybe I could keep posting obscure things that are unrelated to certain record labels and wait for them to threaten me with lawyers.

I'm being tongue-in-cheek right now, but I have to say that even though I'm a bit irritated at Megalith (not because of them telling me to take off their music, but because of the 'I'm telling my lawyer on you' attitude) I will not be boycotting them. I have gotten lots of good stuff from them in the past and I will continue buying from them in the future. I do support the ska scene and I support any record company that helps put out ska music. I could support them a hell of a lot more if I wasn't spending $80 on a rare used vinyl that they own the rights to and are not selling for whatever reason. Like Steve from Moon said labels should make more of an effort to make their back catalogs more available. Tone and Wave is an example that there is still a market for this stuff.

I would have a bit more respect for them though if they came straight out and said "Look asshole, you're affecting my livelihood!", instead of all this crap about how I'm affecting the bands. I've had numerous bands comment when I posted their music - some corrected the errors I made in describing them, some asked where I got certain things, some thanked me for posting their music, and some even just responded with "I was in this band". Not one told me to remove the post. Not a single one. Three of these responses were from bands that were on the list of bands I had to remove.

Here's a perspective from somebody in a band.


Marco On The Bass said...

Thanks very much for your post on my blog. I hope that you will find a way to continue blogging, as I have found your site very valuable to my ongoing ska edcuation. I've found bands and music here that I was not aware of (The Hoovers in particualr)and hope you'll continue to provide all of us with access to your collection of out of print or unavailable ska music.

Marco On The Bass

Billy K said...

I've played in various bands of various styles my whole life (I was in Dave's Big Deluxe for eight years). I think records that are out of print should be shared. If a band is active and out there touring, trying to make a living, that should be off-limits. In the case of my old band, DBD, we lost rights to our songs years ago through mismanagement, debt and deception. I wrote/co-wrote a majority of the songs, yet I can never profit from them. I don't care if people share them. I WANT people to hear the music I worked so hard on.

I've also recorded a lot at home since then (including one ska record), and I give it all out freely. You either make music because you want people to hear it or not. I've never seen a dime for any CDs I've recorded (up til very recently), and there have been many. CDs only make money for record labels. I'm currently in a band that sells CDs at our shows, and we sell a lot of them - but it's for people who want to support us. And the only reason we make money is because we financed it and self-produced it. If a label were involved, we'd still be recouping.

If the Moon Ska stuff is being re-released, then don't post it. But don't think for a minute the bands on those records are gonna see any real money for their work. Most of them are long gone by now. Anything else should be fair game.

This whole debate is just record labels panicking as they realize the money is disappearing and they're becoming obsolete. And that's a good thing.

Ronan said...

I agree with what billy k has said, if an album is no longer available and unlikely to ever be, I don't see how anyone can complain (except the artists themselves). You were 'instructed' by Megalith to remove albums by Skaos and Too Many Crooks for example. Megalith have never released these albums and in fact I doubt very much they own the rights to these particular albums. I don't think Skaos' 'Beware' album has been available since its original release on Unicorn in 1988. It may be a different argument but I know too from my own personal experience and for a fact that many of the ska bands on some of these labels, have never received a penny/cent from the sales of their albums. Hope you keep the blog going, its one of the best blogs on the net

racer said...

Billy K Said: "I WANT people to hear the music I worked so hard on."

Billy K, you'll be happy to know that your music is being heard way down here in South Africa! I picked up a copy of Miss Fortune when I was in LA a few years back, after listening to a friend's copy.

Steve from Moon said...

Billy K:

I'm really sorry to hear that you and DBD were royally screwed by your label.

Glad to hear that things are better now.


Anonymous said...

My perspective: