Sunday, October 26, 2008



Kontraritam is known as the first ska band in Serbia (though there was already another band in Yugoslavia playing reggae tinged music called Haustor). They formed in 1980 and recorded this album in 1982. This is pretty much the only thing they've ever released. They were on some compilation albums but only with songs from this album.

1 Sretne Noge
2 Drugacija
3 Obojeni Grad
4 Bruce Lee
5 Pesma Bez Imena
6 Miss Ska-Kulation
7 Zozo, Vrati Se
8 Decaci
9 Slobodna Devojka
10 Oko I Duh
11 Predstava
12 Zdravo, Kako Si



Radam said...

I was worried about all the legal shit, but I'm glad to see it hasn't stopped you from posting interesting albums!

Keep up the good work!

Rudi said...

Heh, you digged Kontraritam, I needed 3 years to find that album in mp3. Do you have Hik!, also from Serbia? They played some ska/punk, have one demo album with a cover of Bosstones. I could upload it to you, it's pretty hard to find it.