Monday, March 23, 2009

The Erector Set 7"


The Erector Set was a band from Brighton, Massachusetts who recorded this 7" in 1980/81.
The song 'Inside out' was on the 1998 Jump Up Records compilation 'Death of an American Skathic'. They also did the live song 'G.I. Jump' on the first American Skathic. Aside from that I know of nothing else they've recorded.



mikeska said...

good post man, I was wondering if this band had any releases out there

Anton Martinovich said...

Yes, an EP from the same time period (4 songs, 12" disc), a couple hundred copies printed. I have a copy but it is 1700 miles from where I am now on afriend's shelf. They were originally from Cincinatti, Ohio and moved to Boston area. Great band, seen 'em 100 times back then, well, I was theri soundboy back in the day.

knowyrproduct said...

"Inside Out" also appeared on the classic 1983 ROIR Records cassette "Trouser Press Presents: The Best Of America Underground" where the band is listed as being from Ohio. Can't thank you enough for throwing this up.

K8inHawaii said...

I actually have their album....i will have to have someone dig it out and mail it to me...and then convert it and upload.....uh, it could be a while..

metzmash said...

That song "Inside Out" is a great power-pop/ska song.