Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Trenchtown - A Visit to Trenchtown


"Trenchtown were a 5 piece combo of huge potential from Drogheda in Ireland. They formed in 1988 and during their time together, built up quite a big following nationwide, gaining a lot of media interest along the way. They came 2nd in a prestigious Battle of the Bands competition in 1989 but unfortunately never seemed to build on this. There was constant talk of an album release but it never materialised, many of these recordings were earmarked for the proposed LP. Their final gig was in Dublin in 1991 at the International Irish Music Seminar which showcased 8 of Ireland’s top young bands. But word had got out beforehand that this would be their last hurrah, they’d already decided that they’d be splitting up which seemed like a strange decision as they were just about to play this important showcase gig to various record labels and a wide audience. Over the years, they’ve reformed for low key one-off gigs."

According to their Myspace they have recently recorded a new demo.


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