Monday, July 27, 2009

Systemes Sonores


Systemes Sonores - A Frenchy Journey to Jamaican Sound Design

- a blogspot dedicated to French ska and reggae has made a comp for us.

Atlande - Le Mac Homme (1980)
Camera Silens - A Qui la Faute (1987)
Diesel - Barbes Pigalle (place Clichy) (1980)
Gang + - Un Singe (Derriere la Tete) (1990)
Les Ejectes - Rockskaroots (1989)
Vladimir Cosma - Formalities (instrumental) (1982)

...and I have added 2 more French 2 Tone songs to this comp:

Babylon Fighters - Fuck You
Gérard Blanchard - Rock Amonder

- both of which were contributed by Hiroshi

Download this comp HERE

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ChryslerVert said...

Thank you very much for this post.
I hope you'll enjoy these french pioneers!
ChryslerVert from Systèmes Sonores