Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gaz's Rebel Blues Rockers 7"


This post submitted by Rikard.

Before Gaz Mayall started The Trojans he had another band. This is it and this is their only release. (I'm just guessing here because I trust the internet a little too much for information about this sort of thing. Did Gaz's Rebel Blues Rockers record anything else?)

A - Trigger Happy
B - Aggravation Station



Jon said...

Gaz released a CD called "Rebel Blues" which featured tracks from this era, including "Aggravation Station". You can buy it (and other Gaz's albums) on CDBaby:

Rebel Blues

Anonymous said...

thanks mate!!!!

Anonymous said...

you can get one of these tracks on Gaz Rockin' Blues Club Classics from Trojan a couple years back and the other on Ska Stars of the '80s