Saturday, March 27, 2010

...on a personal note...

It's been about a month since I moved and I'm still not unpacked yet. I do check T&W regularly and I see your requests and it might take some time for me to find everything but I will post it when I can. If I remember. I'm really good at forgetting things so if it seems like I'm ignoring you just keep bugging me. I won't think you're being rude.
I had some money saved up for the move but it was more expensive than I thought. I was hoping to have some cash left over to buy some more music. In the end I did have some and I was intending to buy the Double Barrel comp that's always on ebay for $60 but then my transmission went out on my car. If it's just a solenoid or even something in the valve body then I'm okay. If the whole thing needs replacing then Tone and Wave will be a bit inactive for some time. I do have lots of things that I haven't posted yet so I can keep it going for a little while.

Several people have asked me about what I'm looking for that they may have so I'm starting a second Tone and Wave blog featuring all the things I don't have. Hopefully those of you who have those things will share.

It's a work in progress but it's HERE.

I will also be focusing a bit more on newer bands. I found myself recently becoming a grumpy old man grumbling about the "kids these days". I love Skankin Pickle but if I never heard of them until now would I still love them? Probably not because I wouldn't give them a chance. I need to get out of that mindset that there aren't any good bands anymore. I know there are and I will begin featuring them from time to time. This won't interfere with my regular posts.

Thanks for reading all this crap. I know most people who come to this blog won't read this at all. I will not do this again. Instead I will be more active with Myspace. Most people left Myspace in favor of Facebook but I hate Facebook and I gave up on Myspace because it seemed like nobody was ever on there.
It doesn't matter that nobody's on there anymore. I will be.
I will post personal ramblings like this one as well as links to all the other cool stuff that I find on my internet excursions. No friend request needed. It will be open to all.



Jon said...

$60 for "Double Barrel"? I hope you don't mean that live album on Unicorn from around '90. Man, that's an awful album. I think I've listened to it three times since I bought it 20 odd years ago.

Tone and Wave said...

That's the one.

I think now it's become a matter of principle because I keep finding it on eBay for a few dollars and I keep getting outbid.

I just want to put it behind me.

(of course I actually want to hear it too.)