Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Shake Spears - Summertime 7" (1978)

...now here's something I've never seen addressed in any ska article. I can't find any info anywhere mainly because I don't know what to search for.

What is the origin of the ska chick-i-chick scatting? Is there a name for this sound?
What's the earliest use of it?

My guess is that it stemmed from Billy Stewart's version of the Gershwin song "Summertime". He recorded it in '65 and it was released in '66.

Prince Buster recorded "Don't Throw Stones" in '66.

Is there a link here? I'm just speculating without any foundation. If you know please set me straight.

Here's Billy Stewart.The sound in question is at :41 and again at 4:20

Here's The Prince making the sound his own

...anyway, here's a mod/ska single for you.

A - Summertime
B - What Happened


HERE's a Shake Spears bio (in French)
...thanks to Paul for the link


Anonymous said...

Something I found I hope it helps shed some light.

Anonymous said...

Something I found I hope it helps shed some light.



Anonymous said...

Here's the album check out tracks 06 & 12 Nutty Ska if there is a word. Summertime is very good.



gene latter and The shake spears - summertime.

01 - Summertime
02 - i'll go crazy
03 - Give it to me
04 - Stop playing that Song
05 - Summertime Blues
06 - Lucifer
07 - The Shake Spears
08 - Do that again
09 - Don't play funny Games
10 - What happened
11 - Shake it over
12 - Main Theme from 'the Saint'