Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Highball Holiday - S/T (1997)

Milwaukee, Wisconsin's own version of the Selecter.

1 First That Crosses
2 Why
3 Poetry in Motion
4 South Africa
5 Wake Up Call
6 Skinhead Girls
7 Multiple Personality Disorder
8 Playground
9 Orange Stars
10 Speedway
11 Playground (dub)
12 Why (dub)
13 Speedway (Camille Mix)



bobjr94 said...

That was on of the first ska cd's I bought. Still play it.

Zach Ryals said...

This is also a first ska album for me, actually I did not really get into ska in full force until as a young teenager a found a bunch of moonska albums for a dollar a piece at the dollar store, this was right after moonksa closed. Can anyone tell me what happpened with this band?

Zach Ryals said...

Does anyone know what happened to this band?