Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Press - Press Here LP (1981)

This is the first of two albums from this band from Maastricht, Netherlands. This LP and their first five singles had a ska influence with equal parts their former skiffle sound (they used to be the skiffle band The Walkers). Their second LP "Do Not Lose the Beat" was more keyboard-driven new wave.

This LP includes both A and B sides of their much sought-after single "Write Off".

1 I'm Gonna Shoot the Deejay
2 Crossing the Line
3 Rescue Me
4 In the Quiet of the Night
5 No Message (Wreath or Rose)
6 It Takes a Sheriff to Cry
7 Gipsy Love
8 Alaska Nights
9 Write Off
10 Boys Check Your Toys
11 Hit the Headline

"Write Off"


("In the Quiet of the Night" was the B-side of "Cantara Pepe" which is not on the album but was posted earlier HERE"


bristolboy said...

Bit of a "hit & miss" LP this - but I enjoyed listening to it (It's not gonna make it on to my "must look out" for list I'm afraid)

Tone and Wave said...

I have to admit I was disappointed with it myself. Their best songs are on the singles and aside from those songs the rest of the album is filler.