Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Effects - Neurotic Love (1984)

Rare ska from Phoenix, Arizona mixed with a bit of good ol' rock and roll, reggae, and lots of soul.

All of these guys handle lead vocals at different points and they all have great voices.

1 Don't Say It
2 Neurotic Love
3 That's Whatcha Get for Trying'
4 Give it to Ya Straight
5 When the Eagle Flies
6 Lonely Tonite
7 Windows of Your Soul

"Give it to Ya Straight"

"Lonely Tonite"


Kames Jelly said...

I have this album. Marc from the Marco On The Bass blog turned me on to this one. Great album.

Anonymous said...

They call me Mister Tibbs!

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Anonymous said...

Shadrach Powell later worked with AZ ska band Kongo Shock. He shared bass & vocal duties on their debut CD "Dick triple Flip," but left soon after. Kongo Shock are generally credited as the biggest name band in AZ ska history. Cool crossover. I had not heard of The Effects before seeing this!!!

--Dave, Avondale AZ

Fixit said...

They played in Flagstaff, AZ a lot in the early 80's when I was in college at NAU. I have all their albums. I used to be the night clerk at the Monte Vista Hotel, where they stayed, and have a few stories about the band:Jim Sauter, Bucko Reed, Luke Skood, Shadrach Powell, and Kirk Hawley.
They played in Phoenix, too:

Anonymous said...

Not hard to have ALL of their albums as it was ONE ALBUM right ?

Maybe it was working the night job that drove you into delirium or maybe you just tend to stretch a fabrication to it's limits ?

Anonymous said...

I remember Shadrach singing a song about a bicycle seat once while I was watching the Effects play at the Raz.

He was a gifted songwriter.

Anonymous said...

That album really helped me during a party that I had with about 50 + that absolutely loved Reggae / Ska.

It made an excellent coaster for the punchbowl.