Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Hoovers - live on KSAN (1980)

This ultra-rarity was submitted by Draftervoi who says:
The show is undated, but most likely is from the late summer/early fall of 1980. The radio station (KSAN-FM, San Francisco) changed formats to Country & Western on 11/15/80, so the show has to pre-date that.

All of these songs are from the album "Skin and Blisters".

1 She Want It
2 World Gone Mad
3 To Your Mother
4 Captain Scarlett
5 Pretty Little Blossom Song

"To Your Mother"

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draftervoi said...

This is from one of KSAN's "Rising Stars" live broadcasts, which were usually from The Stone (a San Francisco nightclub on Broadway). I'm glad you thought it worthy of sharing!