Wednesday, March 23, 2011

...a couple'a things...

Okay, first off, I have been working 7 days a week - not because business is good, but because business is bad enough that my place of business is down to a skeleton crew and I was one of the few lucky enough to still be there - so my time on the computer isn't what it used to be and I have been very bad at getting to emails. If you've sent me an email and I haven't answered yet there's a pretty good chance that I will eventually. I'm really trying to answer all of 'em. I'm sorry...

Secondly, I have been getting a lot of complaints lately and I have removed a few posts because people who were in a band 30 years ago think they should be spending the money to put their music on cd and start charging 2011 prices for music that people stopped buying 13 years ago. I'm cool with that. The whole reason that I post this music is to make it available. If the band wants to make it available I'm 100% on their side. I am willing to promote any of the bands I have ever posted on this blog if they ever have anything to sell. We are all on the same side here. I promote ska music over any of the other trends of the day. Don't ostracize the small fan base you have left by acting high-and-mighty.

If your attorney spells the word you as u I'm going to have a a hard time taking him seriously. Why go through the trouble of legal action to begin with when you could just talk to me as a person first? It'll work out better for all of us if you did.

...forget it...this is an effete argument...

...Tone and Wave is on the verge of being shut down. I have recently taken over a friend's blog Napomm. I have done the last couple of posts and I'll continue doing more, he gave up on it so it's my blog now. I won't be posting much ska on Napomm unless T&W is shut down then I'll continue over there.

Thanks for wasting a moment of your life reading this...if you have another 5 minutes to waste watch THIS


andreu said...

it would be a shame to let tone & wave shut down as it's one of my favourite blogs. you did a excellent work here.
shure must be a lot of ska fans out there who may not know t&w and they don't know what the`re missing.


Anonymous said...

I say, before they shut you down POST EVERYTHING you have and we can all have a greedy feeding frenzy downloading it all. Then you'll be gone.

What a great blog to relive my rude memories.

Thanks for all the posts!!!

Anonymous said...

Please don't go:( Your's is one of the best blogs, no other blogs like this for ska. Please stay. :)

Tone and Wave said...

Thanks you guys.

I'm still here - and I intend to keep going until they stop me.

From what I've heard they give you a chance to remove the offending posts first. I have no problem with that.

I thought that I'd just post as much as I can and then just walk away and leave it all behind me but there are lots of decent bands that I'd like to see start playing again and if they can sell their music I'm okay with deleting the link.

Joe Scholes wasn't happy with me posting the Braces but he was very mature and reasonable in his approach. For that I have nothing but respect for him and I would graciously promote anything he does in the future.
There were a few others that were nice about it as well, but man, there are some stupid assholes out there.