Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mephiskapheles demos

I know very little about these (as far as who was in the band at the time, or what years they were from, etc.). Thanks to Laszlo for sending these to me many years ago and thanks to the person who originally transferred the tapes to mp3. I don't know who you are but I thank you!!

Skull-A-Ball demo
1 untitled
2 untitled
3 Willie's Work Song

Demo Tape
1 Doomsday
2 Dansemenot
3 Eskamo
4 Shame & Scandal

"Doomsday demo"

Vocalist Grand Invidious was in another band prior to Mephiskapheles called Burn Guitars which had 2 bass players and no guitarist.
They released this demo

1 Shoat
2 (#3)
3 Old Ways New
4 Sleeve

(I also included a few more odds and ends)



Marco On The Bass said...

Wow! Good stuff! My band used to play with Memphiskapheles a lot back in the day and for a while they were the toast of the NYC ska scene. Great horn section and a fantastic hook around devil worship.

Tone and Wave said...

Bigger Thomas and Mephiskapheles is one of those legendary line-ups that used to be prevalent in the 90s but nobody really grasped how important they were at the time.
I wish the scene was still like that.
Even though I never got to see Mephiskapheles live their shows were more talked about than their music was. The whole satanic theme had already run its course in the heavy metal crowds and had become more silly than scary. Strangely it took a ska band to make the devil seem scary again. (Do you remember a lot of metal heads at their shows?)

Mike the coal miner said...

Wow These demos are awesome had to get my copy of God bless Satan out! Thanks a bunch!

Daniel said...

Whatever happened to Grand Invidious.. is he active in any bands right now?