Thursday, June 23, 2011

Steppin Lazer - Plain Wrap (1983)

Thanks to Mike for informing me of this band!!

This is a California band that was part of the mod/ska ON Klub scene in the 80s.
(apparently they have a 7"??)

A1 - Follow the Leader
A2 - All I do is Ska
B1 - Tired of Your Love
B2 - Seein' What I ain't Got
B3 - The Game



Unknown said...

I love this band so much. I saw them in the 80's with a friend of mine in LA. I had that album, don't know where it is. Would love a digital copy. I have a couple of the album, but I want to have the whole thing. Any suggestions?

Michael Page said...

You're welcome!

Anonymous said...

They were the house band at The World Famous Lighthouse Cafe and played every Sunday 3-7 for quite a while. Great fun. Packed house. A real melting pot of a crowd. All great musicians with extensive resumes.
Was a huge fan. I still have recordings on cassette tape of shows where we set up a beach blaster on the table and let it roll. Got Stephen Still n Jimmy Z sitting in with them at Sash in the valley circa 1986. Great stuff.

Long live the fez! All I do is Ska!

Unknown said...

Met my wife at lighthouse and she fell in love with my ska moves

Carol Bawer said...

My friends and I used to go to Sasch on Ventura regularly to see them play. Great little club. Such talented guys and fun music. Michael Rogers, Gary Mallaber, Kenny Lyon and Freebo. The Sunday afternoons at the Lighthouse in Hermosa were incredible. More like a party than a show. I would love to hear any recordings of those shows.

Carol Bawer, Sherman Oaks to NYC.