Saturday, July 9, 2011

One Eye Open

.Nerds (1995)
Nerds had 3 different covers. This download includes all three.
This is the first cd cover. It came shrink-wrapped with a box of Nerds candy:

The cassette cover looked like a box of Nerds candy:

The second cd cover. There's a reason for this cover. The story is included in the download:

1 Janitors Against Apartheid - Down
2 Janitors Against Apartheid - No 2nd Chance
3 Janitors Against Apartheid - Here to Stay
4 Janitors Against Apartheid - I Am
5 Janitors Against Apartheid - Oh...OK!
6 Janitors Against Apartheid - Moon Patrol
7 Janitors Against Apartheid - Choose Your Identity
8 One Eye Open - I Like Mexican Girls
9 One Eye Open - Sumfin 4 Da Quincey
10 One Eye Open - Chess Becomes Chinese Checkers
11 One Eye Open - Doity Ol' Sock
12 One Eye Open - Sour Dough Head
13 One Eye Open - Where Food's a Circus
14 One Eye Open - Blue Gene Blues
15 "hidden track" space adventure

(...and I should have used this on my Janitors Against Apartheid post)

One Eye Open released a full length called Hellaut, a split LP with the band Schlong, and a 7" called Boobs: The Incomplete Set which are all available for free download on Very Small Records' own blog HERE

The Boobs 7" is a collection of t.v. show theme songs and commercials that was originally on cassette. There wasn't enough room for all of them on the 7" - hence "incomplete set".

Here is their "Roblits" demo with some other odds and ends:
1 Chess Becomes Chinese Checkers
2 Sour Dough Hed
3 Efram is a Very Good Boy
4 I Like Mexican Girls
5 Paul Sharar

Drunski '96 (Not Beyond)
Dirty Fucking Scumbag
Poo Poo Kiss
Public Enemy #1 (Motley Crue cover)
Time Out for Fun (Devo cover)
Ska Parade Metal Theme

Punk End Theory demo
1 Interplanetary Sun
2 Al B. Fungless
3 Anu Neighbor
4 Bean Pie (Snake Eyes Mix)
5 Life in a Tree
6 Interplanetary Music (part 1)
7 This is Drunkski
8 Butt Vader
9 The Laughing Song (Residents cover)

Live on the Ska Parade
1 I Like Mexican Girls
2 New Zoo Revue
3 Special Learn
4 Baseball Baseball
5 The Ska Parade
6 Chess Becomes Chinese Checkers
8 Saved by the Bell
9 The Young Ones
10 Paul Sharar


Anonymous said...

Great collection of One Eye Open rarities.Have you got some other rare 90's ska/punk items like pocket lent,flat planet,nuclear rabbit,the kankersores,slapstick to share?I would like to hear a early nuclear rabbit tape.By the way I have the 'hellaut' cd by One Eye Open too, and in the timeline in the booklet are more demos listed.Have you those ones as well?

Laura Casas said...

I feel so sick heardinG eye and the janitors, please, no!!!...THE REST OF THE BLOG IS REALLY REALLY SUPERAWSOME!!!

xJonx said...

I love it. One Eye Open is a def. favorite from this time, along with the Rudiments. Great blog!

potar said...

One Eye Open was always super fun live! Thanks for posting these.

potar said...

One Eye Open was always super fun live! Thanks for posting these.

donomatic said...

Amazing post. The Very Small link is dead. Could you post boobs and the Schlong split? Thanks!

Chad Simmons said...

hey can you re-post?! Love OEO!