Sunday, July 10, 2011

Klang - The Pop Theory (1981)

This is Klang's first album. The second - and final - album is called Dots and Dashes (I don't have it yet)and there were a few singles, one of which can be found HERE. The b-side on that one is not on either album.

1 Go!
2 Mucho Macho Song
3 Nagasaki Sun
4 Angry Young Men
5 Beat It
6 Too Pooped to Pop
7 Virgins and I
8 I Wish You'd Call Me a Red
9 Wailing in the Moonlight
10 Family Life
11 Win a Little, Lose a Little
12 Music for the East

"Beat It"

"Wailing in the Moonlight"

"I Wish You'd Call Me a Red"

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CONDE RNR said...

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hello friend, very good post from one of my favorite bands, if you could have subirmas discs by this group and continue on with this blog chingon.