Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Choice - Candy 7" (1983)

The Choice was a post punk / new wave band from Ithaca New York. Their set was comprised mostly of covers: "Should I Stay or Should I Go" (Clash), "Psycho Killer" (Talking Heads), "What I Like About You" (Romantics), "Freedom of Choice" (Devo), They also played some Rolling Stones and a B52's cover or two etc.

The band was started by two brothers from Florida Jay and mark Mendelson. Jay worked at a T.V. center in Owego and was able to use some equipment to make a couple of videos. One for their original song "Life of the Party", and another for "Technician". They did release a CD that had these two songs and a few more studio tracks with several live songs. I have never come across this cd.

A - Candy

B - Strange

[I think everybody has covered Psycho Killer at some point. And, although I have never heard The Choice's version, I would still have to say that my favorite is Debbie Neon's]


TheCoverHeaven said...

Hello. This comment has nothing to do with your post of The Choice - Candy 7''. It's about Debbie Neon's version of Psycho Killer which is one of my uploads on my YouTube channel TheCoverHeaven. i try to find long forgotten cover versions of popular songs from blogs like yours (I have uploaded a lot of cover songs that i found on your blog). Keep up the good work!

Jim Lawrence said...

Hey Life of the Partiers,
I'm Jim Lawrence of The Choice (bass) ... and can get you the CD at our web site at:

Mark Party and the boys are all alive & well!