Sunday, April 15, 2012

Culture Club

Culture Club was a rock-n-roll quartet from Nashville, Tennessee which featured a pretty young lady on lead vocals named Boy George

(...let the E-mails commence!)

First there was the Sex Pistols, then Malcom McLaren took Adam out of Adam and the Ants and inserted a 13 year old girl into the band and called them Bow Wow Wow but, when that band started to waver, he threw in a teenage Irish transvestite named George O'Dowd to sing lead. That didn't work out so well - Anabella didn't want him there and the fans didn't want him there - he was booed off the stage.

Ironically there was another member of Adam and the Ants - a drummer named Jon Moss who started his first band called Pig Williams in 1975 with his friend Nick Feldman (who later found fame in the band Wang Chung) who was not in Bow Wow Wow because he was busy playing with Shane MacGowan's band The Nips at the time before replacing Rat Scabies as the drummer for The Damned. He was advised by an unnamed friend that Bow Wow Wow's new singer Lieutenant Lush was calling himself "Boy George" and he started a new band called Praise of Lemmings.
Jon Moss joined Praise of Lemmings and they changed their name to Culture Club.

Culture Club started out as a reggae band but most of their reggae sound was overshadowed during production in favor of a pop sound.

A lot of their music had reggae influences but they never released a straightforward reggae song in their heyday. It wasn't until 1999 when they released the album Don't Mind If I Do when they had a minor hit with a cover of the Dolly Parton song "Your Kisses are Charity"

They even performed this song live with Dolly herself

Dolly Parton and Culture Club doing a reggae song:

This download includes the original Don't Mind if I Do version of "Your Kisses are Charity" as well as a studio version featuring Dolly Parton plus two early reggae demos "Lion's Roar" and "Run, Run, Run"

"Lion's Roar"

"Run, Run, Run"

Dolly Parton is cooler than you realize. Here's her hanging out with Cyndi Lauper...and I hear she did a cover of the Whitney Houston classic "I will Always Love You"

(...and, yes, the Dolly Parton ska EP is in the works!!)


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Dolly Parton is super cool, but she didn't cover 'I Will Always Love You' she wrote it!

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