Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sharp Ties - Get That Beat (1981) [LINK UPDATED 09/11/2016]

Sharp Ties were from Greece. They played new wave rock but their first album had a heavy ska/reggae/mod influence. Their second album "Safari Boys" released a year later was almost completely devoid of the ska sound. There were 2 songs that had a slight influence Sleep Tight Tonight and Camino Real but the rest of the album was straight forward new wave rock.

They had a total of 4 full length albums and I only have the first two so I don't know if they have any other ska styled songs but they also had some singles (HERE's their discography). One of which was the "Work" 7" from 1985. The b-side "Boogaloo" has the influence so I have included that song in this download.

1 Ties
2 Making Bombs
3 Get That Beat
4 Playing Jesus
5 Rock the Boat
6 Perfume
7 Black Wars
8 Just Five Minutes
9 My Girl
10  Ende
* Boogaloo



Cosmo Vitelli said...

Greetings from Athens! Just a quick update about The Sharp Ties: After releasing "Safari Boys" they completely changed their style turning into a 100% pop sound (with many synths etc).

"Get that beat" was a huge success in Athens and a minor European chart hit. In the early 80s, the band experienced serious problems and struggled while playing live with their short hair, skinny pants and new wave sound in front of the straight rock audiences of the era.

Another very interesting greek band that had a ska-ish/early UB40s touch were Captain Nephos:

Anonymous said...

Wow - thanks an million for the re-up. Heard the song 'My Girl' on a mix, was mightily impressed, and have been trying to track down the LP ever since. Mucho, mucho gracias - your blog is the business.