Sunday, February 24, 2013

Strange Tenants - Live at Cardiff's Worker's Club (8th December 1984)

1 Two Steps Back
2 Just What You Need
3 Hard Times
4 Shoulder to Shoulder
5 instrumental
6 Cannon Fodder
7 Killer Zombies
8 007 Shantytown
9 Dreaming of You
10 Things are Looking Good
11 I Work at My Machine
12 Temptation Got the Better of Me
13 Not a Crime
14 Grey Skies (Over Collingwood)
15 Soldier Boy*
16 Big Red Bus
17 The Firm
18 This is the U.S.A.
19 One Thirty
20 Rude Boys Outta Jail

*track 15 Soldier Boy cuts off. It sounds as though this came from a tape that either got chewed up or came to and end in middle of this song.

Thank to the anonymous submitter!!


Anonymous said...

I would presume that this was at Cardiff NEW south wales, Australia, and not Cardiff in, ahem, south wales.

freddy vidal ("Fredloafer") said...

Big Post ¡¡ Thanks T & W ¡¡ . . .