Monday, July 22, 2013

Double Barrel Ska Explosion - The London International Ska Festival II (1989)

 I finally procured myself a copy of this Unicorn Records set. The vinyls are immaculate but I just couldn't get a good rip. I was hoping to have this posted in time for the 2013 LISF but that didn't happen.

I pretty much forgot about it and moved on to better things - but then our Swedish correspondent Rikard sent an amazing array of rare ska, and this was included in that collection. As it seems my sub-par rips were no fault of my own. This is how the record sounds.

This is the version ripped by Rikard. The sound quality ain't great but you know most of these songs and you will sing along..





Jon said...

Oh man, this album was such a disappointment to me when I bought it upon release. The sound is so bad, I can't believe they bothered to put it out. I'm pretty sure this is the worst album Unicorn released. And it was expensive!

Mr Freeze said...

Many thanks for this Mr TaW. Jon is right, the sound is not great but it's a cult third wave piece of record. I was looking for this upload for a long time as I didn't listen to this album since early 90's!