Thursday, July 25, 2013

SOTD: Trent Reznor - Time and Chance (1983)

Yes, this is the guy who spearheaded -if not invented- Industrial music. Back in the early 80s he was in a new wave band that was known for doing a lot of cover songs in their live shows. The band was called Option 30 and they never had an actual release, but they did put out a demo tape in 1983. The tape went unnoticed until Reznor had success with The Downward Spiral. The tape was released on cd but, even then, it was limited to 1,000 copies.
On that tape were some okay new wave tunes, three cover songs, and this gem. Trent Reznor did not write this song but he did sing it. This is more than a novelty,...this is actually a good ska song. 


...see some Option 30 videos HERE. Trent Reznor when he was only a lad.


Jah said...

Just a little wakeup call...If you're under the impression Trent Reznor "invented" industrial music, I can only conclude you don't go back very far; you might start by looking up Throbbing Gristle...

Tone and Wave said...

You are right. I never got into industrial music and know very little about it. A quick Google search shows Throbbing Gristle as being an industrial band and, because I was into anarcho punk, I was exposed to them, but I never appreciated their sound. I never pieced it together that their sound was industrial but, now that I know, it's quite obvious. I did not do my homework on this one.