Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Applicators - Looking for Me 7" (1982)

UK reggae/rock. As rare as this record is (500 pressed) it's not hard to find a copy. There's not really any information online about it except THIS.
It's a forum where somebody asked if anybody has ever made a record. Someone with the user name Harry Lime responded "One single in 1983 for The Applicators on DTA records, "You are the One". Sold 500, spent the money on beer. We used to give kids cigarettes to go in the record shops and ask for the record, then we used to go in and sell them some and then bugger off!"

A - You Are the One
AA - Looking For Me



bristolboy said...

Pretty sure they were from The West Midlands (possibly Birmingham thou)
They also had a track on a 4 track V/A compilation 7" ep DTA-002 UK 1983 (again no p/s)

APPLICATORS - call girls (white reggae)

MIDNIGHT RAMBLERS - hiddin' 'n' runnin' (Punk)

FREETIME - the reason (Poppy New Wave)

DREQUON - goddess of the night (NWOBHM)

Tone and Wave said...

Thanks for the info Bruce!
A quick search shows that compilation is also not hard to find. It's on my list.