Sunday, December 15, 2013

Z - Legalize Erdbeereis 7" (1980)

This German band released one full length in 1980 called In Berlin. They released two singles and an EP but this is their only ska song. It was their most successful. It might have something to do with this guy:
A - Legalize Erdbeereis
B - Big Blue Cadillac


Erdbeereis translates to strawberries but it's a metaphor for marijuana. I don't think strawberries were ever illegal in any European country.


mikeska said...

Correction, erdbeereis translates to strawberry ice cream but I'd agree that wasn't illegal as well ha ha.

Tone and Wave said...

aw shit... I should have done my homework.

However, on the contrary, I believe that strawberry ice cream is still illegal in Poland and several other countries in the Eastern Bloc!

(...if anybody reads this comment - yes, this is a joke)