Saturday, February 1, 2014

Hoodlum Empire [REPOST]

Humorous ska punk band formed in Northern California in the early 90s. They had one demo tape and one full length cd. This download includes both.

1992 demo tape
1 Charlie and Me
2 Get Drunk at Work
3 Cynthia Johnson's Clothes
4 Hey, Fuck You Guys!
5Surfer Joe
6 Headbolt
7 Milkshakes in Milwaukee

Looooking Gooood (1996)
1 What Does it Take to Get on Your Show Jenny Jones?
2 Buried in Debt
3 I'm in a Snit
4 Hey, Fuck You Guys!
5 Cynthia Johnson's Clothes
6 The Jester's Gestures
7 Charlie & Me
8 The Four-Word Song
9 Trying to be Alone
10 Dead Samaritan
11 Postmodern Romance
12 Cartoon Lagoon
13 Milkshakes in Milwaukee
14 Gang War at Disneyland
15 Get Drunk at Work
16 unknown

"Cynthia Johnson's Clothes"
"Get Drunk at Work"


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