Saturday, February 22, 2014

Everything Must Go!

I have to get rid of a lot of my music and I posted a few things up on eBay. A lot of it has been posted on Tone and Wave before and a lot of it has not been.

Click HERE you might see something you like.

I am not doing this for financial reasons and I am not trying to make a profit. I will combine shipping and if I over charge for shipping I will refund the difference.

I just don't have the room for them in my house and I might have to put them in my shed. With the weather, stray cats, and spiders they will not fare well in the shed.

I had several crates of new wave records out in the shed a couple years back and the warm California sun decided that round flat records are boring and that they should take on all different sorts of shapes.

I don't want to see these rare ska records suffer the same fate as my Flock of Seagulls collection. (Yes, I had them all - you got somethin' to say about it?!)

Some are really well priced and some aren't (you can tell which ones I don't really want to part with). If it's too expensive, talk to me...let's make a deal.

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