Saturday, May 31, 2014

Zzipp 7'' (1980)

I have been looking for this record for over a decade now. It was on eBay twice in the last several years and I was outbid both times. Three's a charm. It was on eBay a few weeks back and, in the end, I was the only bidder.

I have been trying to find any information about this band that I can but there's not much out there. I do know that they have 5 other songs that have been released on compilations but this is the only release of their own that I know of. I do have one other song of theirs called Masochism from a comp called Popmuziek In Doetinchem that I have included in this download

A - "I Quit"
B - "Footprints"
* - "Masochism"

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Anonymous said...


I wrote and recorded this song in the eighties. I'm not shure if there are any singles left, but will give it a try and search the old trunks.


Ron van Dulmen