Sunday, June 22, 2014

Skankin' Pickle 1990 demo cassette [REPOST]

People write to me every now and then and ask me if they can re-post something I've posted. My answer is always YES. Please help me put this stuff out there so that real ska fans have access to it somehow or another.

This tape is something that I know a lot of people will appreciate so if you have a blog by all means re-post this. It's Skankin' Pickles' first recording and is all but impossible to find. There are 4 songs that were never released on any of their later records as well as a studio version of Burnt Head which was only released as a live recording on Skafunkrastapunk.

(Oh yeah, on this version of "I Missed the Bus" he was watching a Panasonic, not a Magnavox. It's a strange world.)

1 I Missed the Bus

2 Pseudo Punk

3 Hand Twister

4 World's Falling Down*

5 Burn't Head

6 Nuclear Dance Bomb*

7 Anxiety Attack

8 My Hair (Look Like Dahn)

9 Peter, Piper & Mary

10 Shark Teaser*

11 Whatever Happened

12 I've Had Enough*

"World's Falling Down"


*the four songs that are unique to this tape are marked


Anonymous said...

YESSSSSSS - Ive been trying to find this for years!

Tinn Winters said...

I have this cassette!!!