Sunday, June 8, 2014

Willo Selects - Rare Australian ska 1980 - 1986

Things have been extremely busy here at Tone and Wave headquarters so I haven't had much time to post anything. I do have lots of new stuff as well as re-posts but I just don't have the time this week.

             Working hard AND hardly working. You can do both. It's called multi-tasking.

Your friend and mine Willo J Irie has stepped up to the plate to provide an interesting podcast of rare Australian ska which are all unique rips. Never before posted on Tone and Wave or anywhere else on the WWW.

 Doing the Kangaroo Skank
Australian Ska 1980-1986

60 minutes of shit hot Aussie Ska all from vinyl!

Jump Vision - The Jump [1981]
Naughty Rhythms - Look Like Me [1981]
The Eighty Eights - She Fell in Love with James Bond [1980]
The Allniters - She Made a Monkey Out of Me [1981]
Paul Kelly & The Dots - Billy Baxter [1980]
Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons - Rub Up Push Up [1981]
Strange Tenants - Soldier Boy [1982]
No Nonsense - Titan [1982]
Strange Tenants - Hard Times [1983]
The Allniters - Solomon Gundie [1983]
The Girlfriends - Gone With The Wind [1983]
Naughty Rhythms - Without Your Love [1983]
The Allniters - Mr unioshi [1983]
Strange Tenants - Killer Zombies [1983]
Furious Turtles - Hard World Mad World [1984]
The Leftovers - Lemondade Song [1984]
Naughty Rhythms - Have Some Fun [1984]
The Allniters - So Long [1984]
The Leftovers - So Long, Farewell [1985]
Off The Shelf - OTS Tonight [1985]
Itchy Feet - Cliff Young Shuffle [1986]

Selected by Willo J Irie


I hope to post something in the middle of the upcoming week, but no promises.

(Thanks Willo for the Jump Vision track. I've never found my own copy yet. It's good to finally be able to hear it!)

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Redstar73 said...

I love the comp!

Anonymous said...

Some great tracks on here! Probably the 3rd time in the last few years I commented/emailed in reference to this, but maybe Willo can help out..?

From: Adelaide (Birth and Death: June 1979 to 1982)
Line Up: Known members are Johnny Jumper -Vocals and Dave Lennon Drums (Later with Strange Tenants / Allniters / Club Ska)
Discography :
Galimatias Amoureux 7" EP 1981 Custom Label (track listing is: girl and toy / every time i look at / me no send, you no come / anytime

-they also have "1966" on the V/A "5MMM Adelaide" LP and most people have likely heard that via the "Ska Skank Down Under" comp CD that Pete (Porker) Cooper put out in 1998. Been trying to track down a 7" copy or mp3s of the EP ever since.. (and really surprised its yet to pop up here?)

Cheers, M. Wright

Anonymous said...

Ive got the Jumpers 45, found it around 2005, only seen it once. Its a 4 track EP, songs are A side: girl and toy/everytime I look at you B side: me no send/anytime. Stand outs are, me no send and everytime i look at you. Vocals are shared (2 songs each) between male and female vocalists. Sorry sleeve has no band member names.

Willo J said...

Sorry but I dont have the Jumpers single, the only thing on record I have is that 5MMM comp. If you have a copy please share!