Monday, October 13, 2014

The Zero Heroes

The Zero Heroes were a Swiss mod-ska band from Geneva, Switzerland that released a couple of albums and a couple of singles. The two albums included all of their songs with the exception of the b-side from the No Illusions single. All of their releases were on a French label and, so, there is a lot of conjecture that they are a French band but they are, in fact, Swiss.

The band formed out of the ashes of two Swiss punk bands The Bastards and Jack & the Rippers.
Jack & the Rippers experimented with the ska/reggae sound with the song "Endless Peace" but the Zero Heroes were a new direction for both bands. They played very well written power-pop (mod)-ska songs. (with less ska on the second album.)

Crash Boom Bang (1982)
1 Crash Boom Bang
2 Movie Star
3 Straighten Up Your Image
4 Trip Across the Ocean
5 Rebel
6 Little Girl Lost
7 Zero Hero Man
8 Walk, Don't Run
9 Deep in the Jungle
10 Running Dog
11 No Illusion
12 Music Fashion Magic

"Walk, Don't Run"


Radio Free Europe (1983)
 1 Freedom Fighters
2 Playboy Prince
3 Am I Gonna Leave
4 Moonlight
5 Cadillac, Pontiac, Zodiac
6 Love Power
7 Radio Free Europe
8 Tears of Joy
9 No Candy Store
10 Relationships
11 They Lost it All

"Playboy Prince"



Anonymous said...

The Zero Hereos were a swiss band located from Geneva (french part of Switzerland). Not a swedish band.

Tone and Wave said...

Razor, (and everybody else who sent me emails) I apologize and I'm quite embarrassed. I know they are Swiss. I don't know why I said they are Swedish.

I did research them before posting (several times)and I still put the wrong information. I have no excuse for this stupidity.(Seriously, I am embarrassed.)I have made the appropriate corrections but, still, I will hang my head in shame for the remainder of the weekend.