Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Lotions 12" EP (1981) [REPOST*]

I know what you're thinking..."who's this Rastaman?" Right? That's what you're thinking. Well, I have a surprise for you - this man is not Jamaican, no, he's actually from Texas.
His name is Alan Monsarrat and he started the first ska/reggae band in Texas.
I have not found any information that would lead me to believe that they released anything other than this EP.

However, Alan himself is currently heading Austin's premiere reggae band Mau Mau Chaplains. (As well as the band Stop the Truck)
They sound like this:

The Lotions sound like this...this is a cover of "Pushin' Too Hard" originally by the Seeds

A1 - Pushin' Too Hard
A2 - Groovin Song
B1 - Get Up (Don't Get Down)
B2 - Just Like a King


*Originally posted April 4, 2011

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