Sunday, June 7, 2015

Belly Button and the Knockwells - Look Around 7" (1988)

Belly Button and the Knockwells were a rock band from Germany that played a hard rock sound with horns. This is their first release and I'm posting it for the b-side "I Left the Army" which isn't their only ska song, they did have another one called "When She's Around" that was on their only album "Blow Baby Blow" which was released in 1991 but was comprised of mostly older material including both songs from this single. With that in mind this download is for the album - not the single.

A - Look Around
B - I Left the Army

"When She's Around"


*(I tried to get a good rip of the song "Look Around" but the version I have skips. There's nothing I can do about it.) 

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