Monday, June 1, 2015

SLK (Street Light Knights) [NEW LINK December 11, 2016]

This Ann Arbor, Michigan band was one of the pioneering ska bands of the American Midwest scene.

I mentioned them before in my picks for 2013 when they released their 'greatest hits' compilation. All of the songs on the Dance Disk 12" were on that compilation with the exception of the song Television, but neither of the songs from the 7" were on it.

SLK 7" (1984)
A - Betrayed

B - Why Don't You Call

SLK - Dance Disk (1982)
1 Trigger Talk
2 Loralle
3 So Hard
4 Rudeboy Soon Come
5 Walk of the Mummy
6 Bored and Tired
7 Fight
8 Television


Buy the 2013 compilation HERE.


Dackmont said...

Awesome to find this! Been looking for it for a long, long time. Great ska, good times.

I'm psyched to buy the album, but it doesn't have "Television", which is one of the best songs. So....

"Thanks mate!"

Anonymous said...

Hello, and thanks for posting this. I just found this, three years after it was posted. The link has expired and I'm hoping that you can re-post it.

Please let me know.

All the best! - Scott