Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hot Chocolate Band - Give Peace a Chance 7" (1969)

Hot Chocolate Band later changed their name to Hot Chocolate and they had a hit that you might recognize.
They had a Jamaican singer Errol Brown who had an extensive list of records that he released on his own. His/Hot Chocolate Band's  first release was this cover of John Lennon's song that Errol changed the lyrics to. Lennon approved and this single was released on the Beatles' label Apple Records.

A - Give Peace a Chance

B - Living Without Tommorow


Errol Brown died in May of 2015.


 As some of you may know Tone and Wave is based out of San Bernardino California. I, Jason Duncan, am a social worker with San Bernardino County's Department of Social Services. The victims in yesterday's attack were my co-workers. In fact, the person responsible was also my co-worker. I try not to use this blog for my own personal agenda but just this once I think it's okay.

Like you, I have my personal views on gun control, religious extremism and every thing else. In the end we all have different views on many things.

Do you remember the old Dave Mason song "We Just Disagree"?
"There ain't no good guy...there ain't no bad guy...there's only you and me and we just disagree..."

I'd like to believe that this is how it is. But, what pushes somebody who disagrees with you to murder innocent people?

Religion is the backdrop but is it really about religion? Could it be that it's really about how we as people treat everybody else around us? That whole "You're either with us or you're against us" mentality?

Treat everybody with respect. Be nice to everybody.

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