Sunday, December 27, 2015

Harry James - Little Brown Jug

This is not the sort of thing I would normally post on Tone and Wave but I'm posting it for two reasons: first, I have had multiple requests for it and, secondly, it is possibly the only known copy of Harry James performing Little Brown Jug in the studio. As far as I know it was never pressed for release and this aluminum-acetate is the only known copy. It was recorded at Cook Recorders in Los Angeles that usually recorded black gospel music but I know nothing about when it was recorded. I was told it predates Glenn Miller's version but that can't be true. Miller's version was recorded in 1939 and the 7" 45 format wasn't used until 1949. If anybody has any more information please share.

Actually, if anybody knows of any version of Little Brown Jug by Harry James please let me know.

A - Little Brown Jug
B - Little Brown Jug with recording mistakes*


*I'm guessing "side B" is the first recording and the side with the writing that I call "side A" is the second take. Either that, or they recorded side A and got drunk/high and recorded side B and it was even worse so they scrapped it and never released it.

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