Sunday, April 17, 2016


Hondo was a British punk/reggae band from Cambridge with more emphasis on the 'reggae' than on the 'punk'. The band was lead by Paul "Ching" Hue who is still active in music today. You might know him from THIS. He is currently in the Wya band.

Here is his Facebook.

Hondo - What Do We Want? 7'' (1981)
A - What Do We Want? (We Don't Want No War)
B - Jah-Jah's Children

After their first release they contributed the song "Party" to the "Honey for Tea" compilation which featured new wave, post punk, and rock bands from Cambridge.
Hondo - "Party" (1982)

Hondo - Fallout 7" (1983)

A - Fallout
B - Can't Turn You Around

Hondo - Pretty Polly 7" (1987)

A - Pretty Polly
B - All I Have to Do is Dream

DOWNLOAD  all three 7"s and the song "Party".

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