Saturday, April 9, 2016

Modulators - I Modulate (1982)

The Modulators were considered a mod band from Ohio and this is the first of two albums. To be honest I don't see how they were considered a mod band. Their music is straight-forward rock n' roll music with a very slight new wave influence.
I'm posting this record because it is rare and because they did a decent cover of  A Message To You Rudy.

1 Sex on a Regular Basis
2 Booby Trap
3 What's it Take?
4 A Message to You Rudy
5 No Good to Cry
 6 Modulate
 7 Hank Ballard Medley [Let's Go, Let's Go / Finger Poppin' Time]
8 Don't Let Go
9 Unchain My Heart (Ray Charles cover)
10 Heroes


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