Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Emotion Pictures - They Say Space is Cold 7" (1980) [REPOST]

Thank you  Edd Bartlett for informing us that the vocalist for this band passed away last week. There's really nothing online about the band so it's hard to put anything together as a tribute. At least we have this one record. If anybody else knows anything more, please leave a comment.

A - They Say Space is Cold
B - Rescue Remedy



The Krizzak Boy said...

Per Discogs - This is the man who produced this record. He might be able to provide some additional information on the band??
Real Name:
John A. Rivers
U.K. Producer/Engineer/Musician
Owner of Woodbine Studios also known as WSRS Woodbine St. Recording Studio - 27 Woodbine St, Leamington Spa.

Andrew Harris said...

Hi born in Birmingham the bass player & co-songwriter in the band was my brother Steven Harris. The band was formed in Gloucester and this was their only release. Steven had been at school (King Edwards) & was best friends with Dave Wakeling of The Beat, who released 'Mirror in the Bathroom' to somewhat greater success just 1 month earlier.
Steven later went on to form Pure Motivation with guitarist Jon Ouzman & singer Hutch Hutchinson and play in several bands in and around Bristol. Finally forming Moon at the Window and joining up with Howard Vause, he found some of the success he craved for. Howard Vause who is still very much involved in music scene has recently put together an album entitled 'Still' available on soundcloud. All of the songs use my late brothers lyrics, sadly Steven passed away 4 years ago after battling with cancer. For more information about his musical career and life please go to