Sunday, February 12, 2017

Does anybody have this?

This is a rare 7" from 1981 that nobody can seem to find a copy of. It's called "Galimatias Amoureux" from the Adelaide, Australian band The Jumpers. It was released on Smash and Grab Records and there are four tracks:

A1 - Girl & Toy
A2 - Every Time I Look at You
B1 - Me No Send, You No Come
B2 - Anytime

Band members include
Johnny Jumper -Vocals
Cathy Tune - vocals
Dave Lennon Drums (Later with Strange Tenants / Allniters / Club Ska)
Michael Hope
Jim Bowden

They had one song called "1966" which was released in 1980 on a compilation called "5MMM's Compilation Album of Adelaide Bands 1980" and was later released on the first "Ska Skank Down Under" compilation but the band was called The Jake Jumpers for some reason.
HEAR "1966"

If anybody has some MP3s or if anybody knows of a copy of this single for sale please let me know. 

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Mark L. said...

THANK YOU!! I kind of assumed you prolly knew about this and the fact it hadn't shown up here along with all the other Aussie-Ska made me think you might be looking for it too.. I'd been trying to find a copy (or recordings) since the "Ska Skank" reissue in 98 and I used to contribute to a OZ Ska History page and most of my original vinyl came from Pete Porker, but no one down there was ever even able to confirm/share a copy. I hope its at least close to as good as "1966", which is easily one of my fave 78-84 Ska-Revival tracks! :)