Saturday, February 24, 2018

Trio - Tutti Frutti 7'' (1983)

My fellow Americans who watched MTV in the mid-90s might remember that Volkswagen commercial where the two guys are driving around in a Volkswagen and they pick up a chair that somebody left by the curb but then they realize the chair doesn't smell so good so they drop it back off on the street. In the background the German band Trio's song "Da Da Da" from 1982 was playing and, even though Da Da Da was a pretty big hit in Europe and was pretty much well known everywhere throughout the eighties, this commercial introduced this song to a whole new audience.

Oh shit, the commercial is actually on YouTube:

And here is the original video for the song from 1982:

Trio put out a few albums and lots of singles but their cover of Little Richard's "Tutti Frutti" was their only ska song.

A - Tutti Frutti
B - Ich Lieb den Rock 'n' Roll

I included the Da Da Da 7" and 12" in this download because that's what you really want.

Incidentally there was an actual ska/reggae band called Trio + 1 that has nothing to do with this band.


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