Sunday, February 4, 2018

The Turned Around Turtles

 The Turned Around Turtles were an unsung band from Germany that started in 1989. They put out 1 full length album in 1992 called "Ask" (an anagram for "Ska", obviously) with all tracks being sung in English. They were able to release a 2-song 7" in 1993 before breaking up with core members going on to form the band Frau Doktor.

This 7" rip is my own but the LP was graciously donated to us by Rude Rich.

 The Turned Around Turtles - Ask (1992) 
1 Rocksteady Beat
2 Hope My Friends
3 Betty
4 If You Wanna
5 K.K.K.
6 Live for Today
7 Popkings
8 Zummernight
9 A Little Bit of Soap
10 The Promise
11 One Drink Too Many
12 Fat Man
13 General Truth
14 Rude Boy Reggae

The Turned Around Turtles - De Working Monkey 7" (1993)
A - De Working Monkey
B - Bahama Drama

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¡Gracious Rude Rich!

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