Sunday, May 20, 2018

Isa Wah - One Human Band (1983)

Rare California reggae/ska.
The band was created by Buddy Tokes who performed in other reggae/dub bands and has released lots of material as a solo artist.

HERE's a performance and interview with Buddy Tokes and his band Hiro.

The line-up changed frequently but this recording featured these musicians:
Bob "Bijou" Baszt (vocals, guitars, drums)
Craig "Ranking Z" Zangari (guitars, bass, drums)
Billy "Blamer" Snyder (vocals, keyboard)
Lee "Lebo" Richter (vocals, percussion, synth, and bass)
Craig Vreeken (vocals, trombone, synth, bass)
Mikie Jones (assistant sound tech, trumpet)
Lauren "Dub Pontiff" Miller (sound engineer, drums)

Isa Wah's live set was full of covers by The Police, Bob Marley, The Clash, The English Beat, Jimmy Cliff, Bunny Wailer, The Heptones, and others but they had a long list of originals that they played:
Refresh Yourself
Lies Lies
Economic Refugee
Fat Boy
In Love with You
Runnin' Down
Love Within
Friends with You
What do I Know
Can't Just Stand There and do Nothing
Emotional Chords
Save the Smiles
Billy Boy
Free Herb
Neighborhood Watch
Grasshoppers on my Kaya
Bad B.O.
Outlaw Man
Junta Jhats
Hiro/Wings of Life

...I don't know if any recordings of these songs exist. This may be the only release they ever put out.

A1 - Reggae Roots
A2 - No Worry
B1 - Rank and Skank
B2 - Rank N Dub

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