Sunday, August 12, 2018

Quito & the Sandgang - Hot Love 12" (1983)

Quito Rymer is a musician from the Virgin Islands who has released several recordings over the years starting in 1987...


This record here is from 1983 and there is no information about it online. Even Quito doesn't acknowledge that it exists.

There are three tracks:
A - Hot Love
B1 - Still on My Mind
B2 - Call Me Baby

"Still on My Mind" is a straight-forward reggae tune taken from the Bob Marley play book but the other two tracks have a new wave/rock-n-roll sound to them. Perfect for the early 80s post-2Tone era.

Great record all around. You can see how superior it is to his other releases.

You can ask him why he doesn't flaunt this monumental recording in person when you next vacation in the Virgin Islands at Quito's Gazebo & Inn.


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