Sunday, August 12, 2018

Scram - Stand Up (1987) [REPOST] & Kingsessing Trials (1990)

This trio (Matt Mungan - vocals and guitar, Greg Mungan - bass and vocals, and Craig Heim - drums / percussion) were pretty well known in Philadelphia in the mid 80s but they have pretty much disappeared from people's minds since then. It might have to do with them changing their sound and releasing their second album Kingsessing Trails in 1990 when they went the route of the Red Hot Chili Pepper bandwagon and experimented with soul, funk, and jazz sounds. 
I like this one though. This is their first. Two of the songs on this record have appeared elsewhere: Something to Cling to was on a 1986 7" compilation called That Was Then...This is Now!, and the John Lennon cover Imagine that was released on "Another Shot for Bracken"

1 Here Tonite
2 Freedom
3 Our World
4 Something to Cling to
5 Just How Much
6 Stand Up
7 Imagine
8 Move a Mountain
9 Don't Say a Word

1 Can't Get Over It
2 Forward, Onward
3 Whose Side You're On
4 Power!
5 Piece of the Pie
6 Passing Me By
7 I 1 2 Thang Q
8 Don't Run Away
9 Fire! (Jimi Hendrix cover)
10 Listen to Your Momma
11 Never the Same


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